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Life Uplifted! ... and BALANCED

transformation Jun 05, 2018

Balance. Equilibrium. Effort vs. Ease.  I’m sure you’ve heard these words multiple times in our studios.  And do you really know what they’re all about? When you’re rocking out that dancer pose, you’re probably trying to balance your body in any way possible without tipping over.  However, what does it all mean? How can you use them in your daily life? Have you ever considered how these phrases may apply to your life off the mat? Let’s break it down.

Equanimity. In our classes, the equanimity series shows up for our bodies starting with eagle pose all the way through dancer and tree. This may resonate with you because during these specific postures, balance is necessary in order to keep standing. Now, in his book, 40 Days to a Personal Revolution, Baron Baptiste explains equanimity as “the artistry of meeting life as it meets you, calmly, without the drama or fuss”.  Meeting life as it meets you. Exactly how it is...

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Permission to put yourself FIRST

transformation Jun 01, 2018

Restoration. Self-care. Rejuvenation. TREAT YO’SELF.  You know what I’m referring to, right? The act of giving yourself whatever you need in order to achieve a little more comfort, ease, love.  Although this sounds on paper as monumental as it is in real life, we as human beings don’t necessarily make restoration a priority. Am I right?  For some reason, when our brain sees a plateful of things to do, self-care seems to get pushed off that plate until it no longer is apart of our day (or week, or dare I say MONTH).

How often have you actually written down in your journal or created an event on your google calendar marked, SELF CARE? For me, it is rare. I will schedule work events, yoga events, home events, even dog events, and self care is seldom prioritized.  So I must ask the question, why do we so often give to other beings and things, and scarcely give time to restore ourselves?

According to one of our fearless leaders, Jen Fowler, she...

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