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Sarah O'Connor

Did you know that Yoga One Online offers so much more than virtual classes.  Yoga One Online also provides you with individualized content from some of your favorite Y1 teachers! 

Meet Sarah O'Connor. Sarah is a mom to two girls and two dogs, wife to a sports fanatic, yoga teacher, prenatal yoga teacher, and fitness/nutrition coach. On top of that, Sarah works the retail here at Yoga One with 20 years of retail and fashion under her belt!

When asked what she's up to, Sarah answered, "On a daily basis, I am teaching at yoga one, running a fitness/nutrition challenge group, making connections to grow the pre/postnatal community, landing on my mat, working out in my basement, running my girls from preschool to dance to swim, ordering the latest collection from Spiritual Gangster, Liquido, or creating our own Y1 brand." WOW. This mama is busy and FIERCE! She fills her cup with what she loves and is running her world one day at a time.

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