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The Power of Not Knowing

I am going to go ahead and say it right now - I am a know it all.

As a kid, I can remember getting scolded when I didn’t know the answer to a question and feeling like I was not smart. At some point, l decided I had better have an answer when asked any question and many times my answers were based on what I had heard someone else say.

Unfortunately, having to have an answer for everything followed me into adulthood and it hasn’t served me well, because the truth is I do not know everything.

Holding onto our beliefs, views, and perceptions is natural for human beings. After all, our opinions are ingrained into us from the very day we are born and some argue even while we are in the womb.

Many of our convictions are handed down from our family, teachers and community leaders that we admire and trust.

Why would or should we question those who have taught us from birth --  then again why shouldn’t we?

When we hold onto the I know attitude we shut ourselves...

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