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Mindful Moments

'Tis the season to be mindful.  We are currently in the last month of the year and what better time than now to reflect, be present, and surrender to what is.  During the month of December, Yoga One embarks on Mindful Moments. On and off the mat, we encourage you to take moments each day and incorporate a dose of mindfulness. 

Now, this may seem like a daunting task.. especially if you've never explored or thought about this topic.  You're not alone.  The good thing is there are so many resources to help you in your mindfulness path. Like here and here.

Here a few prompting questions to encourage your journey:

What does mindfulness look like to you? In your personal relationships? At work? When you're by yourself?

What brings you back to the present moment?

Make a list.  How do you practice mindfulness?

Over the next few weeks, we will take a deeper look at what mindfulness is and how we can incorporate mindful moments into each and every...

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Now Available: Yoga Nidra, The Art of the Sages


The art of restful awareness

Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a meditation technique used to create a deep restoration of the mind and body. 

The word nidra means “sleep,” and thus the practice of Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is frequently associated with the practice of relaxed states of consciousness. 

Join Ann Welchans on a 90-minute journey into the art of Yoga Nidra. Now available in the Yoga One Channel on Yoga One Online. 

The Yoga Nidra workshop includes:

  • A guided Yoga Nidra practice

  • A brief history of Yoga Nidra

  • Gentle Asana

  • Meditation

  • Breathing Exercises

To take this online workshop and get access to our online classes, video pose library, and special practices from your favorite Yoga One teachers, start your free Yoga One Online trial! 

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Liz Smolin

Did you know that Yoga One Online offers so much more than virtual classes.  Yoga One Online also provides you with individualized content from some of your favorite Y1 teachers! 

Meet Liz Smolin. Liz is yoga teacher and assistant, hockey mom and embodies peace and love all the while. On and off the mat, Liz practices being present to gratitude, connection, and kindness.

On Liz's teacher channel, you can find asana, meditation, and inquiry all in her "natural" habitats. :)

Find Liz teaching at the Central studio location:

Yoga One Central:

Mondays 2:00PM Slow Flow

Wednesdays 12:00PM Power Flow

Sundays 2:30PM Power Flow & 6:00PM Deep Stretch


Subscribe below and see Liz in action!

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Work Like a Mother

CALLING ALL MAMAS! Whether you are a brand new mama or have children of any age, two of our mamas and Y1 teachers have created the perfect program for you! Sarah O'Connor & Kate Dullaghan bring to you the: Work Like a Mother Series.  Below, we've answered a few questions for YOU and what you can expect.

What is the Work Like a Mother program?

Work Like A Mother is a brand NEW series at Yoga One! Specifically designed for moms, this series is an opportunity for you to discover and encourage an organic approach to motherhood by learning ways to shift your vision in the pursuit of growth. Motherhood is beautiful and rewarding, and it is not easy. Together we will gain access to tools to manage the ebbs and flows of parenting and be in the now of your experience. Through yoga, mediation and inquiry, and creating a greater sense of community, we'll learn how to let go and commit to our higher selves.

Why should I attend the Work Like a Mother program?

To create a...

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