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March Studio Theme - The Body Is Innately Intelligent

This month's studio focus comes from a body of work that has been instrumental in helping me develop my own leadership and create a life that I am happy to be a part of. Lightyear Leadership provides a framework for understanding the unseen forces that shape our personal legacy and unique tools for self-development.

Yoga One's March studio focus, The Body Is Innately Intelligent, comes from the principles of Personal Power and Wholeness. This principle is crucial to anyone wanting to better understand how their body communicates and how to create a balance between the many domains of our life.

It's important to learn how to care for and live in our bodies. It's our vehicle to getting things done on Earth and the home we reside in. How we relate to our body directly impacts how we experience the world that we are living in and how we move forward and achieve our goals.

The truth about this principle is that the body is ALWAYS communicating with you.

At any moment it is sending us...

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Yoga One Teacher Training


Warning: Teacher Training at Yoga One will challenge you!

What challenges you, changes you!

Yoga One Teacher Training teaches you to level up your leadership in unexpected ways. Whether you want to lead a class or lead more effectively in your life, Yoga One Training will lay the foundation for powerful communication.

You know you were meant for something awesome!

Answer the call with a cohort of changemakers sprinting together towards connection, community, and reawakening our world.

The next session begins March 8th.

Apply now at www.y1now.com/teacher-training

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