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Create Social Change One Breath At A Time

karma yoga one-breath.org Nov 16, 2018

Yoga One Partners with One-Breath.org

  • Yoga One donates 5% of membership revenue to One-Breath.org, a local organization using yoga and mindfulness to create social change. 
  • One-Breath leader Laura McCarthy recalls her first time teaching and how the partnerships grew between Yoga One and The Urban Ministry Center and evolved into a nonprofit organization.
  • Join us for a special fundraising class December 15th, 4:30pm at Yoga One's Central Studio.

Yoga One Executive Manager Daniel McCall sits down with Laura McCarthy, leader of One-Breath.org. Together they discuss the early days of Yoga One and how taking a chance teaching outreach yoga classes led to the formation of a local nonprofit organization. 

Yoga One supports the growing efforts of One-Breath by contributing 5% of Monthly Membership sales. 

The mission of One-breath.org is to end the cycle of chronic homelessness, incarceration, and trauma that often accompanies the disease of addiction and...

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