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Give Up the Fear of Failure

I often hold on to my lie – the voice in my head that tells me I’m wrong and I’m not good enough. This lie shows up when stakes are high and resistance is strong.

From my lie I’ve developed behaviors and attitudes which often push me to act in ways which generate harm to myself and others, spiritually and mentally:

I strive for perfection, I critique myself, I compare myself to others, I procrastinate in fear of reaching a perfect final product that I miss the joy in the journey.

In yoga teacher training at Yoga One almost one year ago I stood in samasthiti face to face with my mat partner to recite the Journey into Power Sequence. Seeing my partner eye-to-eye, I felt streams of tears roll down my face. My throat tightened. My breath fluttered. My palms became balmy. My mind replaced my knowledge of the flow with narrative from my big lie. “If I don’t get this right, I won’t succeed. Why can’t I memorize the sequence in order? The...

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