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The Tale Of Too Many Tabs

I am a wife of nearly 16 years, a mom, and a leader of a powerful team of humans.

Like many of you, at any given time it seems like I can be managing homework, responding to an issue at work, thinking about what's for dinner and ordering toilet paper on Amazon to be delivered today, because we're out.  

Life is moving quickly. There are many competing interests for my attention and focus.

What if it didn't have to be this way all the time?  

I'm a teacher and student of Baptiste Power Yoga and the first pillar of the practice is drishti.

Drishti is one's gaze or where you set your eyes in a pose. Drishti both on and off the mat gives you a place to focus your attention.  It's the yoga practice and life practice of doing one thing at a time.  

 I've been known to operate my shiny MacBook Air with multiple browser windows open at a time.  

Let me be clear when I say multiple, I mean upward of 20 tabs at one time. It's no wonder I begin to get...

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Practice Your Drishti Anywhere!


Now available on the Yoga One Channel!

Each month our teachers get together to explore our studio theme. The theme is a teaching focus in the classroom and a way to bring yoga methodology to life for the rest of the business. 

Enjoy this special 30-minute practice with Michelle and Yoga One teachers focusing on Drishti, the first of five pillars of the Baptiste Methodology.

You'll need several items to place around your mat (like yoga blocks or a water bottle and towel) to be your focal points. Then, experience the power of setting your focus in each and every pose you're in!

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Set your drishti, find your keys! Set your drishti, find your ease.

Have you ever been looking for your keys and you finally realize that you have them in your hand?

Or looking for your sunglasses and eventually discover they are ON YOUR HEAD?

This happens to me when I am hurrying. This happens to me when I feel like I have more to do than I can get done in time. Do you know what else happens to me when I feel rushed or overwhelmed? I spill my smoothie. I stub my toe. I accidentally kick the dog. OOPS.

For several years I actually worried that I had some undiscovered disease or possibly a brain tumor. I was often dizzy. I had trouble remembering where I was going and what I was doing. My hands were not cooperating with my brain. I broke a drinking glass about once a week getting ready in the morning.

Spending time worrying over my condition, left me feeling nervous and restless. I thought about it so much, I finally decided to do something about it. Because...“Do the thing and you will have the power.”

First I slowed down my mornings....

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Drishti, The Human Superpower

When I ask people what superpower they would like to have, they most often answer with flying, teleportation, or some version of super strength, speed, or intellect. Honestly, those top my personal wish list as well.

Something interesting happens when I ask someone if they would prefer a superpower that makes it easier to get what they want.

Eyes widen. A sincere “huh!” usually erupts and people add this one to their list.

As it goes, this is one of the powers that we already have as humans, although it often goes unexamined. Because it’s a power that is largely uncultivated, it also gets exploited, often to the detriment of our sense of sanity and our wallets 

This superpower is our ability to choose where our attention goes. 

In Baptiste Power Yoga, we have a saying that “where your attention goes, energy flows.”

The idea is that what you focus on expands. Put your attention on your savings account regularly and it will start to grow. Focus...

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