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July Studio Theme: Don’t Try Hard, Try Easy

Growing up with a mildly Catholic background, the general rule was “If it doesn’t hurt, you’re not doing it right!”

If it doesn’t hurt, you’re not doing it right!

It wasn’t exactly that everyone around me wanted things in life to be difficult. It was simply that for generations my family lived under extreme pressure and it became the new normal. My father descended from the Irish immigrants escaping the potato blight and my mother’s mother grew up as a refugee in World War II Germany. My parents never had the perspective that life was easy, and that’s the story that was passed along to me growing up.

Combine the generations of laborious living with the high-speed, high-performance messaging of today’s world and you have a recipe for burn out and overwork.

Combine the generations of laborious living with the high-speed, high-performance messaging of today’s world and you have a recipe for burn out and overwork.


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The value of stillness in a world that doesn’t stop moving is beyond measure.

This month the theme at Yoga One is


Stillness, oddly enough, is an ever moving target. If we stand still long enough we realize that we are actually rocking slightly to and fro, constantly adjusting our position to maintain balance.

This constant movement is even more obvious when we sit down to meditate. Not only does the body stay in perpetual motion, but the mind also flits and flies about in a constant state of flux.

This is what makes intentionally being still so valuable. It is a rare and precious thing.

Getting still isn’t about fighting the momentum of our body and mind. It’s about learning to relate to it in a new way. The theme isn’t simply to BE STILL. It's “be still AND know.”

The knowing comes from recognizing that when we get caught up in the constant fluctuations, we’re likely to miss something.

That something we miss is often...

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Being of Contribution: The cure for not enough

I am not ___________ enough.







However you complete this sentence in you mind, there seems to be a global affliction of I AM NOT ENOUGH.

One of my dearest teachers, Dorothy Espiau, said that these thoughts of not enough are the modern day plagues that eat away at our humanity and cause much of our suffering.

Her diagnosis was that over-consumption leads to the feeling of not being enough. I’ve seen it in my own life running the rat race for money, keeping up with the latest gadget trends, and ever striving for the next best level of my own life.

When we consume more than we create, we tip into a fear response that keeps us consuming more and more and never feeling like we quite have enough.

Enough money, enough talent, enough shoes, enough knowledge.

Yet, there is a balance that can be had and it is not found by receiving it, it’s found by generating it.

Being of contribution, our March studio theme at Yoga One, is a state of generating...

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The Flip Side Of Focus: Give It Up To Get Free

Time for a pop quiz!
Who remembers what the studio theme was at Yoga One in January?
Don’t worry, you all get an A and the grades don’t matter anyway.

That’s right, Drishti!

Drishti is the beginning of the journey into power. It’s when you set your sight on something. It’s when you focus from the wide angle of your life to just one direction.

This is a moment of choice because as soon as you choose to focus on one thing, you have to give up putting your attention on all of the other things. This is the flip side of focus. 

Inherent in putting your attention on one thing is giving up the energy we contribute to other things.

This works at all levels. Physically we can only be in one place at one time, and while some of us may be able to pat our heads and rub our bellies at the same time, mostly we can only do one real thing in any given moment.

On the mental and emotional level, it’s similar. Thoughts and emotions can move much faster than...

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Drishti, The Human Superpower

When I ask people what superpower they would like to have, they most often answer with flying, teleportation, or some version of super strength, speed, or intellect. Honestly, those top my personal wish list as well.

Something interesting happens when I ask someone if they would prefer a superpower that makes it easier to get what they want.

Eyes widen. A sincere “huh!” usually erupts and people add this one to their list.

As it goes, this is one of the powers that we already have as humans, although it often goes unexamined. Because it’s a power that is largely uncultivated, it also gets exploited, often to the detriment of our sense of sanity and our wallets 

This superpower is our ability to choose where our attention goes. 

In Baptiste Power Yoga, we have a saying that “where your attention goes, energy flows.”

The idea is that what you focus on expands. Put your attention on your savings account regularly and it will start to grow. Focus...

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