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The Tale Of Too Many Tabs

I am a wife of nearly 16 years, a mom, and a leader of a powerful team of humans.

Like many of you, at any given time it seems like I can be managing homework, responding to an issue at work, thinking about what's for dinner and ordering toilet paper on Amazon to be delivered today, because we're out.  

Life is moving quickly. There are many competing interests for my attention and focus.

What if it didn't have to be this way all the time?  

I'm a teacher and student of Baptiste Power Yoga and the first pillar of the practice is drishti.

Drishti is one's gaze or where you set your eyes in a pose. Drishti both on and off the mat gives you a place to focus your attention.  It's the yoga practice and life practice of doing one thing at a time.  

 I've been known to operate my shiny MacBook Air with multiple browser windows open at a time.  

Let me be clear when I say multiple, I mean upward of 20 tabs at one time. It's no wonder I begin to get the tiny rainbow pinwheel that tells me my computer is slowing down and can't think as fast as I'm moving.  

I get frustrated, why can't it go faster to get more done?  

Then I notice.

I see the multiple windows.  When I close windows, I see what I am incomplete on from 2 weeks ago.  I see a google search for the piece of sports equipment my son had to have 10 days ago.  

My computer screen mirrors back my life.  
It shows where I am unfocused, incomplete and doing many things and finishing none.  

Here's where the power of drishti comes in and causes a shift in life.  

Do one thing at a time.  

In your practice, focus on one spot.  

Set your eyes ahead in tree pose.  Get access to your whole body from being focused in and dialed into the pose you are creating.  When you notice yourself get distracted come back to your gaze.

Off your mat, give the people that matter to you your attention.

See their eyes when you talk to them.  

Notice when you are doing more than one thing with the people that matter to you and reset.

Drop all the things and do one thing at a time.  Reset your eyes to reset your life.  

And, here's the thing. You will get distracted.  You are human and a badass human at that. You are up to BIG things.

What makes you a SUPER POWERFUL HUMAN is your ability to notice when you are operating your life with multiple browser windows open and make a conscious choice to come back to focus.  

Set your eyes in your practice.  Close the browser windows. Your life and your computer will operate with more direction and focus.  

Written by Jen Fowler
Jen is the Leader of Teachers at Yoga One and a Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor. Jen has been leading training at Yoga One since 2013. She is a fun, compassionate, and authentic leader who loves helping students wake up to their greatness both on and off the mat.


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