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The Power of Not Knowing

I am going to go ahead and say it right now - I am a know it all.

As a kid, I can remember getting scolded when I didn’t know the answer to a question and feeling like I was not smart. At some point, l decided I had better have an answer when asked any question and many times my answers were based on what I had heard someone else say.

Unfortunately, having to have an answer for everything followed me into adulthood and it hasn’t served me well, because the truth is I do not know everything.

Holding onto our beliefs, views, and perceptions is natural for human beings. After all, our opinions are ingrained into us from the very day we are born and some argue even while we are in the womb.

Many of our convictions are handed down from our family, teachers and community leaders that we admire and trust.

Why would or should we question those who have taught us from birth --  then again why shouldn’t we?

When we hold onto the I know attitude we shut ourselves off from discovery and curiosity. We would rather act like we do know so we aren’t found out.

When this happens we are protecting our ego because the ego wants to always know and always be right. We create an internal state of opinions and seek out people who are just like us instead of getting curious about the people and cultures that are out of our zip code and comfort zone.

The second theme of Baptiste Yoga asks us to give up what we must: Bring into view fixed Drishtis (perceptions) & Tadasanas (positions) that thwart and constrain you.

On the yoga mat, we can physically take a new position, go deeper in a pose or breath more fully.

We can get an immediate experience of how a small movement may change our view on what our body can and can’t do.

Shifting our thought patterns off the mat occurs if we allow ourselves to give up, for a moment, what we think we know about a situation and get curious about what is happening now.

After all, many of our beliefs are based on things we have been told and not what we have experienced.

The power of not knowing takes courage and leads to strength and power. The power of not knowing gives us an opportunity to connect with people in the world who do not look or think like us and who have experiences that we don’t have.

The power of not knowing enables us to be compassionate human beings and listen from our hearts. Get comfortable with not knowing and make a true human connection today.

Written by Wendi Williams
Wendi is a Certified Baptiste Teacher who has been teaching and empowering students for over 11 years. She leads teacher trainings, retreats and teaches Power Fusion which incorporates yoga and weights.


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