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Shift your drishti and receive a miracle.

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2019

Has your boss ever asked you to do something that you didn't want to do - like write a blog post?

My boss did just that, and my response to that request was, "I am the numbers person. I don't write blogs."

Yet, here I sit typing a blog post and you are reading it.

I did not have my attention on writing and I was extremely resistant to the task for weeks. I worked on payroll, budgets, and property tax listings which are all important duties I am responsible for. What it took for me to sit down and start typing was shifting my perspective.

I kept putting the writing task at the bottom of my to-do list until finally, I asked myself, "Why am I resistant." 

My typical responses came up; no one cares what I have to say, there are people who can do it better than me and I am not good enough.

The shift happened when I sat down and did the work. The moment I began to doubt these doubts and change my thought pattern, I had two paragraphs on the page.  My miracle happened when I shifted my drishti to my purpose - EMPOWERING OTHERS. 

When I put my focus on what I wanted (instead of what I didn't want to feel) I was able to bust through my own resistance.

Where can you transform your perspective?  What doubts, fears and beliefs about yourself can you give up to shift from inaction to action? Set your drishti on what is possible and you will receive your miracle.


Written by Wendi Williams
Wendi is a Certified Baptiste Teacher who has been teaching and empowering students for over 11 years. She leads teacher trainings, retreats and teaches Power Fusion which incorporates yoga and weights.


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