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Create Social Change One Breath At A Time

karma yoga one-breath.org Nov 16, 2018

Yoga One Partners with One-Breath.org

  • Yoga One donates 5% of membership revenue to One-Breath.org, a local organization using yoga and mindfulness to create social change. 
  • One-Breath leader Laura McCarthy recalls her first time teaching and how the partnerships grew between Yoga One and The Urban Ministry Center and evolved into a nonprofit organization.
  • Join us for a special fundraising class December 15th, 4:30pm at Yoga One's Central Studio.

Yoga One Executive Manager Daniel McCall sits down with Laura McCarthy, leader of One-Breath.org. Together they discuss the early days of Yoga One and how taking a chance teaching outreach yoga classes led to the formation of a local nonprofit organization. 

Yoga One supports the growing efforts of One-Breath by contributing 5% of Monthly Membership sales. 

The mission of One-breath.org is to end the cycle of chronic homelessness, incarceration, and trauma that often accompanies the disease of addiction and mental health issues through the use of yoga and mindfulness practices.


This December, Yoga One is hosting a special fundraising class for One-Breath.org. For more information on workshop times, visit www.y1now.com.

To connect with Laura, visit One-Breath.org

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