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Mindful Moments: Body

During the month of December, Yoga One embarks on Mindful Moments. On and off the mat, we encourage you to take moments each day and incorporate a dose of mindfulness.  This week is all about taking care of your BODY.  

Let's talk about mindfulness and movement. Marrying the two simultaneously can create harmony with both your mind and body. According to Alice G. Walton from this Forbes magazine article, "Mindfulness meditation is well-known to reduce stress and anxiety—so is moving the body. Put the two together, a new study from Penn State University reports, and the mental health benefits may be that much stronger."

Thus, during a moment of movement today, try this on for size: tap into all 5 of your senses, take a deep breath, and envision one thing you are truly grateful for.  Your body (and mind) will thank you.

Here a few prompting questions to encourage your journey to a mindful body:

How do you restore your body?

What physical activities make you feel strong and vital?

Make a list. What mindful moments can you bring into your body today?

Over the next week, take the time to inquire these questions and be sure to share your experiences below!

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