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January Studio Theme - Align To Your NORTH STAR

Align To Your NORTH STAR

Sometimes it seems as if great people in the world are lucky, talented, or guided by a supernatural hand. They seem to get things right without a lot of effort and recover from setbacks with grace and ease. They are obviously cut from a different material, so to speak, right?

Not necessarily.

A great number of successful people have natural talents, are working in their wheelhouse, and may find some random fortune in their day-to-day lives, yet that's not always the path to success.

Our studio-wide theme this month is a way to know which things that matter most to you and which things deserve your precious attention throughout the year.

Finding Your Inner Compass

Aligning to your North Star is a way of clearing through the interference of all the information you're taking in every day. It's where you align yourself on all dimensions; physically, mentally, spiritually, and create a vision for the life that you want to be at cause for.

Ghandi said that "Happiness is when what you think, you say, and you do are all in harmony."

That's True North, and when you start peeling away the layers of mental conditioning and media input, you can take that inner voice of knowing and put it out into the world as concrete action.

That's when the magic really happens. When you dig deep to dust off your core values and start to bring them into your everyday life, you lead from a place of authenticity and faith.

Join us all January as we explore what it means to align to your personal true North and set the tone for a powerful New Year and a powerful New Decade!

Happy New Year from all of us here at Yoga One!

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Written by Daniel McCall
Daniel has been creating leaders and teachers for over 13 years. He is Executive Manager of Yoga One Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. He leads yoga teacher training, leadership seminars, and mind-body-soul retreats across the globe.



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