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Drishti, The Human Superpower

When I ask people what superpower they would like to have, they most often answer with flying, teleportation, or some version of super strength, speed, or intellect. Honestly, those top my personal wish list as well.

Something interesting happens when I ask someone if they would prefer a superpower that makes it easier to get what they want.

Eyes widen. A sincere “huh!” usually erupts and people add this one to their list.

As it goes, this is one of the powers that we already have as humans, although it often goes unexamined. Because it’s a power that is largely uncultivated, it also gets exploited, often to the detriment of our sense of sanity and our wallets 

This superpower is our ability to choose where our attention goes. 

In Baptiste Power Yoga, we have a saying that “where your attention goes, energy flows.”

The idea is that what you focus on expands. Put your attention on your savings account regularly and it will start to grow. Focus a little bit of each day on your physical health and your sense of strength and vitality will compound.

This also works against us in many ways. Modern culture hijacks our attention, most often with the goal of getting us to spend our money. Some of the most brilliant people of our age are being hired to design algorithms to make us click the BUY button. The entire advertising industry understands this and attempts to interrupt our attention frequently.

In yoga, we have a practice designed to mitigate this undue external influence - DRISHTI.

It’s the first pillar of Baptiste Yoga and creates the foundation for a strong asana and meditation practice.

Drishti is the practice of putting your attention on an intentional point. We first access it by placing our eyes to one point of focus. We are highly visually inspired creatures. Just look at how much time is spent on Instagram to verify that.

When we place our physical eyes to a physical point in space, our often scattered attention is called to task.

When we move our vision from intentional point to intentional point as we flow, we are flexing a mental muscle that makes it easier to choose where we focus. It’s also easier to keep that focus for longer periods of time.

The practice of drishti purifies our senses over time so that we are less burdened by the constant interruptions of life. When we lessen the external influences, we are able to connect with what matters truly and deeply to our lives. When we pour our attention into those things like an ever-flowing stream, we find that we more often get what we really want in life.

This January, Yoga One will be focusing on drishti as a theme. There will be awesome blog posts written by our teachers as well as special practices that show up in class to help us better understand and cultivate our unique human power of choosing where our attention goes.

Happy New Year and I will see you on the mat!

Written by Daniel McCall
Daniel has been creating leaders and teachers for over twelve years. He is Executive Manager of Yoga One Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. He leads yoga teacher training, leadership seminars, and mind-body-soul retreats across the globe.



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