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Being of Contribution: The cure for not enough

I am not ___________ enough.







However you complete this sentence in you mind, there seems to be a global affliction of I AM NOT ENOUGH.

One of my dearest teachers, Dorothy Espiau, said that these thoughts of not enough are the modern day plagues that eat away at our humanity and cause much of our suffering.

Her diagnosis was that over-consumption leads to the feeling of not being enough. I’ve seen it in my own life running the rat race for money, keeping up with the latest gadget trends, and ever striving for the next best level of my own life.

When we consume more than we create, we tip into a fear response that keeps us consuming more and more and never feeling like we quite have enough.

Enough money, enough talent, enough shoes, enough knowledge.

Yet, there is a balance that can be had and it is not found by receiving it, it’s found by generating it.

Being of contribution, our March studio theme at Yoga One, is a state of generating versus consuming.

The root of the word contribution is from Latin meaning to bring together, to add to. Looking at my thoughts and actions I can see there are clear places that I add to the world. 

I teach yoga. I add to the humanity of the world by standing with those who suffer or live in lack. I bring together a team of people dedicated to making this world a better place for them having been here. I contribute to the overall wholeness of the Earth.

When I generate versus consume, a principle found in Lightyear Leadership, my not-enoughness moves to the background of my mind and I can stand in the act of being of contribution.

I’m no longer looking at my life through the scope of measuring my worth based on what I have, but what I give.

This March, as we practice and meditate together, let’s look at our lives not as a measure of our own value, but as a measure of how much we can contribute to the world. Our time and attention are things we always have to give AND if you feel like you don’t have enough of either it’s time to look at what’s consuming your time and attention.

As contribution goes up, everyone rises. As consumption goes up, thriving decreases.

A word about 40 Days To Personal Revolution

This March Yoga One is celebrating 13 years of being a contribution to the Charlotte yoga community by making our flagship program FREE!

This special 40 Day program aligns with many of the cycles and traditions we celebrate on Earth; Lent, the Spring Equinox, and Passover. It is the season for spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical detox.

It’s the season to reboot your life and your vitality while examining what is consumed that is unnecessary and learning to give up what you must.

Join us on this journey into what makes us truly powerful in life.

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Written by Daniel McCall
Daniel has been creating leaders and teachers for over twelve years. He is Executive Manager of Yoga One Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. He leads yoga teacher training, leadership seminars, and mind-body-soul retreats across the globe.


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