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The value of stillness in a world that doesn’t stop moving is beyond measure.

This month the theme at Yoga One is


Stillness, oddly enough, is an ever moving target. If we stand still long enough we realize that we are actually rocking slightly to and fro, constantly adjusting our position to maintain balance.

This constant movement is even more obvious when we sit down to meditate. Not only does the body stay in perpetual motion, but the mind also flits and flies about in a constant state of flux.

This is what makes intentionally being still so valuable. It is a rare and precious thing.

Getting still isn’t about fighting the momentum of our body and mind. It’s about learning to relate to it in a new way. The theme isn’t simply to BE STILL. It's “be still AND know.”

The knowing comes from recognizing that when we get caught up in the constant fluctuations, we’re likely to miss something.

That something we miss is often ourselves.

We miss the mark on taking care of ourselves, of connecting with others, and miss doing the things we know to do to deliver on our purpose in life.

When we sit down to get still, we disrupt the regular flow of motion. This disruption generates presence and when we have presence, we have the ability to make a new choice.

By putting our attention on the flow we can adapt it, shift its course, and move intentionally towards a new outcome.

This month I invite you to put in intentional pauses to your day. For one minute or ten, disrupt the drift of your life and awaken to the ever-present movement. When you do that, you get access to a new kind of movement - one that takes you where you want to go.

Written by Daniel McCall
Daniel has been creating leaders and teachers for over twelve years. He is Executive Manager of Yoga One Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. He leads yoga teacher training, leadership seminars, and mind-body-soul retreats across the globe.


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