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Give It Up to get FREE

When I was first asked to be a guest writer for the Yoga One blog and share how I experience the monthly teaching focus of Give Up What You Must, I was like “Oh yeah, I’m so down!” I was so excited because I have experience in this theme, I like to write, and have often thought about starting my own blog. I was ready. I sat down to write. I opened my laptop. I started to jot down all of my ideas and thoughts.

Then, it happened.

“I’m not good enough.”

“This isn’t right.”

“Not perfect. Not perfect. Not perfect.”

“You’re not a good writer.”

“Nobody cares what you have to say.”

“So and so’s blog will be better than yours.”

Oh yes. The tried and true negative self-talk. The perfectionist problems. The comparison curse. Fear. They came out to sabotage what I truly wanted.

I got so frustrated. I tried to force myself to get something on paper. The more I forced, the more the negative thoughts came. I quit writing. I thought briefly about backing out. Instead, I took some time (a day or two) away from the task.

I breathed. I relaxed. By adding in breath, ease, and patience, I remembered my why of writing this post – to connect with others who may also need to give up negative self-talk, perfectionism, comparison, fear [insert the thing YOU need to give up].

I set my attention, my inner drishti, on this why. And, I decided not to play small.

I listened to my highest call. I listened to my heart instead of my mind.

I gave up the idea that it had to be “perfect” or the “best” blog post. I gave up the thought that my words and experience wouldn’t resonate with anyone; that they wouldn’t matter. I gave up that I’m not good enough!

And let me just say – I don’t know how many times I’ve had to give these things up. MILLIONS. And more so since I started yoga and countless times since I’ve started teaching yoga!

How about you? Have you had experiences of giving up what you must in yoga class? Like when the yoga teacher calls crow, or handstand hops, or lift your leg in side plank, and your first instinct is that you really want to do it, but the fear of wobbling or falling or not getting it right creeps in?

Have you decided to give up that fear and go for it anyway?

I have had to practice over and over again giving up that fear of falling and the thought that falling is bad because I didn’t get it right, and just go for what my body and heart want. To go to that full self-expression, the highest call. The thing that makes me feel more alive and free.

That’s the thing. Give up what you must for me means freedom.

It means giving up the thoughts and fears that keep me from doing what I want to do, the things I love to do. The things that challenge me, make me grow, and get out of my comfort zone. Giving up perfection, fear, comparison, the I’m not strong enough, smart enough, creative enough, not good enough, so I can take on writing a blog to share my truth. So I can do the handstand that is so fun to me even when I fall. So I can teach yoga and hold space for others to give up what they must and find their own freedom.  

Where do you want freedom? Practice setting your drishti, your attention, on that. Give up what’s not serving you in getting there. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. I’m right here practicing with you!


Written by Bethany Cargle
Bethany is a passionate teacher at Yoga One, and forever a learner of yoga. She is a believer in love, gratitude, growth, and freedom. She believes that everyone deserves to love and enjoy the body and mind they are given; and that everyone deserves to feel healthy and whole. Bethany incorporates these beliefs into her teaching and her own yoga practice on and off the mat. 

Photo by Kupono Kuwamura on Unsplash

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